Welcome to OmniDyne

Ominis from Latin and /dīn/ Dyne from Greek δύναμις dynamis together mean Collective Force

OmniDyne Global Corporation is a leading supply chain provider of Electronic, Industrial & Mechanical Products. The company is one of the fastest growing distributors of electro-mechanical assemblies, machined parts, hardware, electronic cable wire harness and engineered plastic components. The company serves to clients in diverse sectors such as Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Telecom, Technology, Oil& Gas and Construction.

We specialize in supporting inventory of DMS, obsolete and current production industry spares specifically for out-of-production programs and systems. Our quality is world class and we are ISO 9001-2008 Compliant.

As a specialty supplier for some of the largest manufacturers in the Heavy Industrial Sector (HIS), OmniDyne Global has consistently demonstrated its ability to execute superior supply chain services that ensure your orders are delivered to the right place, on time and in the most cost effective manner available. Our supply chain knowledge allows our customers to reduce inventory investment as we tailor short run supply programs, while we continuously combine and leverage similar requirements to maximize economic order and quantities.

As a premier world class Supply Chain Company, OmniDyne Global Corporation maintains excellent relationships with its raw material, sub-contractors and OEM/Aftermarket manufacturers and dealers.